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LED Wall Lamp COB

Uniform light output
Black/White/Gray optional
Aluminum alloy housing
Excellent thermal diffusivity
Lighting both sides
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Product Features:
The lowest energy consumption of any lighting product to date.
Life that exceeds that of some traditional lighting products by 20 times.
No mercury, making them an even "greener" product than CFLs (Compact Fluorescents).
Light quality equal or superior to traditional lighting products.
Immediate savings from the first day of your electricity bill.
Use of existing facilities, need not change more.
Incredible durability. 50,000 hours and 3 years warranty.
Better light. No flashing, homogeneous. Prevent eye strain.
More bright. More color reproduction. No UV.
More secure. Does not contain hazardous materials like fluorescent.
Free maintenance. No change of primers, ballasts and tubes.
Less caloric intake. emit less heat, saving on air conditioning.
Modern image. They provide an image of modernity and ecological