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Zoomable track light

Zoomable 10°-70°
Dimmable, Kelvin adjustable
App control, Remote control
CREE Led Lifud Driver
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1. High quality 6063 Aluminium extruded sections housing.
2. Aluminum external box adapts to all driver.
3. High strength and stable double junction arm integrated outside the spotlight's body to keep the barycentre aligned with the track and prevent any imbalance in possible suspension versions of the track. 
4. The junction allows 360° rotation and 180° tilting for maximum emission adjustment freedom.
5. Mechanical aiming lock. 
6. 10-70° Zoom optical module with dust-proof and high transmittance optical glass.


LED track light features:

1. Suitable for various track, adjustable for multi-directions.
2. Adopt imported COB LED, high CRI, high efficiency, high illumination.
3. Self-designed reflector with special opitic, precese light distribution and high lumen output, no-glare, soft and tender light.
4. Environmental, no UV, nice heat dissipation.
5. Easy to install and to adjust
6. Life span up to 50000 hours.
7. Various power opitions for different requirements.
8. Applied to shopping mall, hotel, exhibition hall, museum and etc.